longchamp university collection

Inspired by the fashion culture of the ‘70s and a curious, connected Generation Z, the collection is steeped in university design codes and student life, resulting in lines that are creative and unisex. 
The silhouettes embody femininity, a sportswear vibe or hippy chic appeal, while the bags and accessories are combined with energetic and timeless colourways. 
Audacity adds a touch of whimsy through its inspirational, edgy pieces.
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The styles this season are a window to the chic and inspiring areas of the Rive Gauche – the left bank of the Seine, home to Boulevard Saint-Germain. After class, it’s a walk around the Latin Quarter.


Timeless colours and aesthetics for any setting


Audacity makes space for creativity


What would an awakening be without a desire for audacity and freedom? 


The Longchamp woman expresses herself through a chic, yet relaxed Parisian allure. The family-run, optimistic and independent Maison introduces a women's category where the leather goods, fashion accessories and ready-to-wear collections are carefully designed to enhance femininity and accentuate style with both elegance and simplicity. 

Longchamp draws on its outstanding craftsmanship and savoir-faire to create well-designed and beautiful fashion items and leather goods. Its iconic and inspiring lines of luxury bags, designed with durability and timelessness in mind, accompany their partner in their busy urban daily live. The women's category enhances all allures thanks to the Maison’s ready-to-wear designs and shoes which combine comfort with style for trendy or effortless looks, while the fashion accessories such as sunglasses, caps or even silk squares complete any outfit with a modern and refined touch. Operating around the world since 1948, the optimistic and independent Longchamp woman embodies the luxury Parisian Maison’s values of energy and authenticity.